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I have been working with businesses of all shapes and sizes for over five decades. My experience is that individuals and organisations want results and return on investment, be it time, money or probably both.
I choose to work with people who really want to change something in their lives and, where appropriate, work with partners to provide a truly unique workshop experience. Their added value provides a bonus for my clients and ensures a wider perspective.
If you are interested in working with me and my team, then feel free to get in touch however, do read some of the details on this page and check out our Family Business and Networking sessions which will help you to move forward and to understand how we work. Look here if you need a Speaking Masterclass.

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There are four keys to our workshops

You know how some speakers can come off as a bit robotic or like they're reading off a script? That's just not our style. We like to keep it real—like we're just having a coffee and chatting about business.

People seem to relax more and engage better that way. It's all about being yourself, and after doing this for so many years, it just comes naturally to me and us.

Folks often tell me it's like learning from a friend who just happens to know a ton about business development.
Let's talk about experience—this isn't our first rodeo. We’ve been in the trenches and seen what works and what doesn’t and bring all that to the table.

It's like having a guide who's walked the path a thousand times.

We can tell you where the potholes are and how to avoid them. This isn't just theory; it's real life, and that's what gives our workshops that extra edge.
Authenticity is all the rage these days, right? But seriously, it's one thing to talk the talk; it's another to walk the walk. We are all about keeping it 100% with our attendees. We share our wins and our face-palm moments too.

People appreciate that honesty, and it opens up the floor for real conversations. It's not just us talking at them; it's us talking with each other.
And then there's being relatable. Ever sat through a talk and thought, "When am I ever going to use this?"

Not in our workshops.

We make sure to tie everything back to what you're actually dealing with at work. It's like translating “business speak” into everyday language.
We stay up to date with the latest buzz, so we’re not lecturing about yesterday's news. It's all about making it relevant for you, right here, right now.
Putting it all together, it's these four things—being natural, leaning on experience, staying authentic, and making it relatable—that make our workshops stand out.
It's not just about the content; it's about how it's delivered, and that's why people come back. It's learning made enjoyable and, dare I say, even a little fun!
We currently have several programmes available to help you, here are just a couple… One is a typical development Masterclass and the other is for those who are looking for a collaborative approach to Reputation.

... and of course if you need something more tailored to your individual needs simply give us a call on
   01299 382000
"From Nervous to Natural!"
Unlock Your Potential: Speak with Impact and Elevate Your Business!

Become a Powerful Presence and Elevate your Business with this four one-hour online interactive program.

A four-week Journey to You becoming a Better and More Natural Presenter!
Unveil the Power of Value-Based Partnerships
Unveil the Power of Value-Based Partnerships

In a world where every client interaction can make or break your business, it's not just about finding any client—it's about discovering the right ones.

This is an exclusive CPD-accredited workshop designed for Your family business!


Peter's Training Fees

Oh, pricing for these kinds of workshops? It's like trying to put a single price tag on a bunch of different apples, each with its own shape and taste—it just doesn't work. Every event is its own beast with its own needs, so we have to juggle a lot of balls to figure out the cost.
And when you bring Peter on board, you're not just paying for a snazzy talk. You're getting all the blood, sweat, and tears he's poured into this craft over the years, not to mention the hours he and his team will spend making sure we nail your event.
Hiring Peter? That's like bringing a secret weapon into your team. Peter is going to help you play a bigger game, get ahead of the pack, and really up your game in the market. So yes, it's a top-shelf service you're looking at.
Remember, when Peter (and when appropriate the team) are working with you, they are all in. They are stepping away from family and everything else they are doing to focus on you and what you need.
Peter Roper

Peter is an inspirational speaker who is passionate about helping businesses to represent themselves at their best. Peter's presentations are motivating and inspiring with practical tips to use when presenting.

Claire Wozencroft

Peter is as genuine as he is enterprising and capable. He is one of life's natural communicators and, from a professional and personal point of view, is utterly trustworthy. He always puts himself out for clients and others.

Sean Brickell

Peter is that rarest of speakers, someone who actually manages to combine education, entertainment and a commanding presence on stage. He speaks with consummate authority and adds real value to his audiences. Hire him with confidence.

Dave Thomas

We have spoken together at various events, written training programmes and co-authored a best selling book.
I'm not really going to have anything bad to say, am I?!
Seriously, Peter is a fantastic guy to work with and I have learnt so much from him. A fun and engaging speaking and genuine person.
One of life's 'good guys'.

Andy Lopata

Peter is not just an outstanding professional speaker, he constantly makes a huge commitment to helping others in the business to develop as professional speakers as a Past National President of the Professional Speakers Association. He is a speaker who walks his talk and I highly recommend him

Rikki Arundel

"I want to express my sincere thanks for the fantastic work you've done with our team. Your impact on their confidence has been remarkable. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you again in the future”.

Planet 81

I've seen Peter present on a number of occasions - both in a Corporate environment and as part of a Networking meet to a room full of SMEs & Family Businesses. Each time he's been tremendously well received and clearly has a wealth of business experience which he can put across extremely effectively - and at a range of levels.

Mark Tomlinson WPA

Over 80% of businesses in the UK are family owned or run, the knowledge that Peter has is huge and he is always sharing his messages and learning with clients and audiences alike. Proud to call him a friend, mentor and confident – great working with you as always Peter.

Mike Pagan

Peter shared his story with around 200 professional speakers at last weekend's annual conference of the PSA. His learnings, tips and insights touched a nerve and he really connected with us. His honesty, passion and commitment shone through. Thanks Peter.

Mark Lee

"Peter's ability to translate deep business concepts into relatable stories is remarkable."

Richard H

"Peter's keynote was more than just a talk; it was an experience that transformed how we see our business and ourselves."

Sarah G

“After attending Peter’s speaking masterclass I now have 4 speaking opportunities.  Previously I would have turned them down – now I’m just excited and keen to get talking! I fully recommend training with Peter for excellent coaching, a safe place to make mistakes, receive feedback and perfecting your technique before giving presentations.”

Claire Hill

“I've been privileged to attend Peter's Family Business Practice events over the last couple of years and they are amazing events. Peter's energy is stunning and his dedication to helping family businesses and their owners is without measure.

If you've not had the chance to speak to Peter or attend one of his events then I highly recommend it. Really appreciate everything you do and thank you.”

Dave James

“I don't think there's another speaker in the world that knows more about family businesses (in other words most businesses) than Peter Roper. He is a rare talent on stage, delivers great advice, and is the most charming and likeable man on and off stage. I recommend him unreservedly.”

Alan Stevens

I would strongly recommend any member to join this programme, I have learnt some really valuable tips and lessons across a number of different topics including networking, presenting and maximising client relationships…… I look forward to working with Peter more in the future developing me and my business.

Jamie Pratt Stockton Business Consulting

Peter provided a great course with positive interaction between the delegates to help one another. It really helped to focus the mind on how to develop my business further during the strange Covid times we find ourselves in. Highly recommended.

Simon Baldwin - High House Wealth Management Ltd

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