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Welcome to the official booking portal for Peter Roper, the quintessential speaker for your next business event. With a lifetime of business acumen and a heart for family-led ventures, Peter brings a blend of insight, authenticity, and charisma to the stage that is unmatched in the speaking world.

“I don't think there's another speaker in the world that knows more about family businesses (in other words most businesses) than Peter Roper. He is a rare talent on stage, delivers great advice, and is the most charming and likeable man on and off stage. I recommend him unreservedly.”
Alan Stevens

Six Reasons to Choose Peter as Your Next Keynote Speaker

Unparalleled Business Insight
Drawing from a diverse five-decade career, Peter imparts wisdom that spans generations and industries.

He's not just a theorist; he's a practitioner who has lived through the ups and downs of business life.
A Transformative Journey
Peter's personal story of transformation is not just inspirational but is filled with actionable strategies that are tried, tested, and proven.

He personifies the idea that anyone can evolve from mediocrity to excellence with the right mindset.
Track Record of Excellence
Peter implemented strategies to achieve a remarkable £38 million turnover from a start-up in just over two years for a major corporation.

These are distilled into his speaking engagements, offering attendees a blueprint for success.
Valuable Life Lessons
Peter's candid sharing of his business failures offers a rare glimpse into the valuable lessons that come from loss, providing a comprehensive view of the path to success.

We all learn more from failure than we realise at the time...
Engagement Guaranteed
Peter's reputation as "The Natural Presenter" ensures that your audience is not just listening, but fully engaged.

His talks are a mix of warmth, humor, and valuable content that resonate on a personal level.
Recognised Expertise
With accolades from the Professional Speaking Association and years of experience as its National President, Peter's expertise is recognised and respected by his peers. Guaranteeing a speaker of the highest professional standard.

Peter Roper in Action: Topics Tailored for Impact

The Human Touch in Family Business
The Human Touch in Family Business
Multi-Generation Family Businesses are a blessing - mostly!

Learn how emotional intelligence can transform your family business and create a lasting legacy.
How to Have a Successful Career Selling to Family Businesses
How to Have a Successful Career Selling to Family Businesses
Family Businesses work in a very different way from other organisations.

Patch into Peters's unparalleled experience into the very different secrets of selling to Family Businesses
How to have a Happy and Successful Family Business
How to have a Happy and Successful Family Business
Peter has had six family businesses.

Discover how authentic leadership can inspire a family through multiple generations and teams, foster innovation, and drive business growth.
How to Grow A Reputation that Delivers More Profitable Business…
How to Grow A Reputation that Delivers More Profitable Business…
We all know that Reputation is key in business!

Peter shares tried, tested, and proven strategies to create a long-term Reputation.
The Art of Natural Presentation
The Art of Natural Presentation
Peter shares how anyone can become an Effective, Natural, and Engaging presenter.

This proven program has been shared by Peter with over 750,000 delegates!
CPD Standards Approved Provider
CPD Standards Approved Provider
Proven accredited programmes in several business areas. Focused, Measurable and Actionable.

Peter’s six promises to you…

Peter promises to captivate your audience with his natural charisma and relatable stories.

Ensuring high engagement levels from start to finish.
Customized Content
Peter commits to tailoring his presentations to the specific needs and interests of your audience.

Delivering relevant and targeted insights.
With his extensive experience and accolades, Peter assures a high degree of professionalism in all aspects of his presentation.

From preparation to the final applause.
Actionable Takeaways
Peter guarantees that every talk he delivers is packed with actionable advice and strategies.

Attendees can action and implement in their businesses and personal lives immediately.
Follow-up Resources
It's not just about the speech...

Peter offers additional value by providing pre-event and follow-up materials that can help reinforce the lessons learned during his talk.
Peter promises approachability and accessibility, remaining available for questions and further discussion after his session.

Maximizing the impact of his presence at your event.
These promises can be used to build confidence among potential clients that booking Peter Roper will result in a successful and enriching experience for their event attendees. The next step is easy, simply get in touch below and lets see how I can help you and your event!

Peter is an inspirational speaker who is passionate about helping businesses to represent themselves at their best. Peter's presentations are motivating and inspiring with practical tips to use when presenting.

Claire Wozencroft

Peter is as genuine as he is enterprising and capable. He is one of life's natural communicators and, from a professional and personal point of view, is utterly trustworthy. He always puts himself out for clients and others.

Sean Brickell

Peter is that rarest of speakers, someone who actually manages to combine education, entertainment and a commanding presence on stage. He speaks with consummate authority and adds real value to his audiences. Hire him with confidence.

Dave Thomas

We have spoken together at various events, written training programmes and co-authored a best selling book.
I'm not really going to have anything bad to say, am I?!
Seriously, Peter is a fantastic guy to work with and I have learnt so much from him. A fun and engaging speaking and genuine person.
One of life's 'good guys'.

Andy Lopata

Peter is not just an outstanding professional speaker, he constantly makes a huge commitment to helping others in the business to develop as professional speakers as a Past National President of the Professional Speakers Association. He is a speaker who walks his talk and I highly recommend him

Rikki Arundel

"I want to express my sincere thanks for the fantastic work you've done with our team. Your impact on their confidence has been remarkable. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you again in the future”.

Planet 81

I've seen Peter present on a number of occasions - both in a Corporate environment and as part of a Networking meet to a room full of SMEs & Family Businesses. Each time he's been tremendously well received and clearly has a wealth of business experience which he can put across extremely effectively - and at a range of levels.

Mark Tomlinson WPA

Over 80% of businesses in the UK are family owned or run, the knowledge that Peter has is huge and he is always sharing his messages and learning with clients and audiences alike. Proud to call him a friend, mentor and confident – great working with you as always Peter.

Mike Pagan

Peter shared his story with around 200 professional speakers at last weekend's annual conference of the PSA. His learnings, tips and insights touched a nerve and he really connected with us. His honesty, passion and commitment shone through. Thanks Peter.

Mark Lee

"Peter's ability to translate deep business concepts into relatable stories is remarkable."

Richard H

"Peter's keynote was more than just a talk; it was an experience that transformed how we see our business and ourselves."

Sarah G

“After attending Peter’s speaking masterclass I now have 4 speaking opportunities.  Previously I would have turned them down – now I’m just excited and keen to get talking! I fully recommend training with Peter for excellent coaching, a safe place to make mistakes, receive feedback and perfecting your technique before giving presentations.”

Claire Hill

“I've been privileged to attend Peter's Family Business Practice events over the last couple of years and they are amazing events. Peter's energy is stunning and his dedication to helping family businesses and their owners is without measure.

If you've not had the chance to speak to Peter or attend one of his events then I highly recommend it. Really appreciate everything you do and thank you.”

Dave James

“I don't think there's another speaker in the world that knows more about family businesses (in other words most businesses) than Peter Roper. He is a rare talent on stage, delivers great advice, and is the most charming and likeable man on and off stage. I recommend him unreservedly.”

Alan Stevens

I would strongly recommend any member to join this programme, I have learnt some really valuable tips and lessons across a number of different topics including networking, presenting and maximising client relationships…… I look forward to working with Peter more in the future developing me and my business.

Jamie Pratt Stockton Business Consulting

Peter provided a great course with positive interaction between the delegates to help one another. It really helped to focus the mind on how to develop my business further during the strange Covid times we find ourselves in. Highly recommended.

Simon Baldwin - High House Wealth Management Ltd

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