Complaints Procedure

Acknowledgment of Complaint:
All complaints should be submitted via [preferred method: email, online form, etc.].
Complaints will be acknowledged within 24 hours of receipt during business days.

Initial Assessment:
The complaint will be initially assessed by a designated staff member for clarity and completeness.
Additional information may be requested from the complainant if necessary.
Assignment of Complaint Handler:
A complaint handler, usually a senior staff member or manager, will be assigned to the case.
The complainant will be informed of their point of contact throughout the complaint process.
The complaint handler will conduct a thorough investigation, which may include speaking with relevant staff, reviewing materials, and assessing the situation.
This process should be completed within [specify timeframe, e.g., 5-7 business days].
A formal response will be provided to the complainant, detailing the findings of the investigation and any actions taken or to be taken.

This response will aim to be fair, objective, and respectful, acknowledging any errors and outlining corrective measures.
Resolution and Follow-Up:
The goal is to resolve the complaint to the satisfaction of all parties involved.
A follow-up may be conducted to ensure that the resolution has been implemented and to gather feedback from the complainant on the process.
If the complainant is not satisfied with the resolution, they can request an escalation of the complaint to the next level of management.

This escalation will involve a review of the complaint and the response provided, potentially leading to alternative resolutions.
Recording and Learning:
All complaints and the outcomes will be recorded for quality assurance and improvement purposes.
Insights gained from complaints will be used to enhance services and prevent future issues.
Throughout the process, confidentiality will be maintained, and information will only be shared with those directly involved in resolving the complaint.
Feedback on Procedure:
Feedback on the effectiveness of the complaint’s procedure is welcomed and can be submitted via email.
Note: This procedure is subject to periodic review and may be updated to reflect best practices and ensure the highest standard of customer service.
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