Last weekend Anny and I spent a wonderful afternoon in the sun at Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb which we are now members of. It was a very busy day and the sun brought out the best in people with a combination of a love of motorsport, being in the Teme valley (surely the prettiest valley in Worcestershire) and perhaps one or two beers…

Many cars got our attention however I took this picture out of nostalgia, which for the uninitiated, is a very modified 1966 Mark One Ford Cortina.

It took my eye immediately because the very first time I drove one in competition was in my teens with a car bought for forty quid which my brother and I shared to go grass track racing with. We stripped it out completely, our Dad built a roll cage out of scaffolding poles, and I painted it black with a yellow stripe. It looked very similar to the one pictured albeit nowhere near as quick!

We ignored the leaking petrol tank, the loose battery next to it and the fact we had bald secondhand tyres and we had a lot of fun!

When Anny and I got chatting with the guy who owned the car he explained he had had it for many years. Later when having a conversation with a wise sage of the owner’s club I mentioned our previous conversation and we learned the driver had HUGE experience and was worth listening to.

Now I don’t intend to go back racing a Mark One Cortina on the grass or up the hill, however the very real lesson of the day was talking to people who had REAL knowledge and experience.

Not only was it a pleasure but we learned stuff!

How about YOU?

In your business how can you make your experience shine a light on clients and prospects so that they see TRUE VALUE and not be seduced by shiny pennies?

– and there are a lot of those around at the minute…

If you need a hand to help the process you know where we are!

Until the next time…


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