Is it YOU I'm Looking For?

Is it YOU I'm Looking For?

Is it YOU I'm Looking For?

I do hope you have had a great bank holiday weekend...

The last few months have seen us face several health challenges, both individually and as a family. Thankfully we have worked our way through them however times such as these do make you stop and think.

I have been asked on numerous occasions if I run a programme to enable Practioners to offer services to Family Businesses using my expertise etc. 

Something I have wanted to do but never found the time – until now!

So I have used my enforced physical inactivity to work extensively on and create two new programmes.

I am now happy to say I have released the first one – Transform Your Career by Specialising in Family Business Development.

This programme contains all my knowledge woven into a proven process of tips, tools, and techniques. It will enable an individual or organisation to successfully promote themselves as a provider of business development skills specifically for family businesses.

Plus, it has a tick in the box from The CPD Institute.

Typically, this could be for professionals, consultants or coaches who recognise the very real, and huge potential of, working with family businesses.

The webinar explains two of my concepts (which you may already know but in more depth) and is a precursor to a conversation with those who might like to become family business consultants.

It will appeal most of all to individuals and organisations that want to find a better way of finding clients that appreciate them, are great to work with and pay true worth.

So, my question is simply is it YOU I’m looking for?

If so, watch the webinar and then book in with me asap.

If not you, who do you know that might want to expand their business by becoming a specialist in family business? It’s a real opportunity and the investment might not be as large as you think…

My appreciation in advance for your help and support as ever.


Then give me a shout.

Go on you know you want to!

Until the next time…


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