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Course Plan for Enhancing Business Networking Skills Workshop

Session 1: Fundamentals of Networking (60 minutes)

  • Introduction (10 minutes):
    • Workshop objectives overview.
    • Icebreaker activity to foster initial networking among participants.
  • Setting Clear Objectives and Elevator Pitch Mastery (15 minutes):
    • Brief lecture on setting networking goals and crafting an effective elevator pitch.
    • Participants draft their own elevator pitch.
  • Active Listening and Asking Open-Ended Questions (15 minutes):
    • Interactive role-play exercises focusing on listening and questioning skills.
  • The Art of Following Up (10 minutes):
    • Strategies for effective follow-up: Discussion and examples.
    • Group activity: Crafting follow-up messages.
  • Wrap-Up and Q&A (10 minutes):
    • Recap key takeaways.
    • Open floor for questions and sharing insights.

Session 2: Building Your Network (60 minutes)

  • Leveraging Social Media and Networking Events Preparation (15 minutes):
    • Presentation on digital networking strategies and event preparation tips.
    • Participants share their experiences and plan a virtual networking strategy.
  • Creating Value for Others and Diversifying Your Network (15 minutes):
    • Group discussion on creating mutual value and the importance of diverse networks.
  • Personal Branding (20 minutes):
    • Mini-workshop on personal branding essentials, including online presence.
    • Participants work on outlining their personal brand strategy.
  • Wrap-Up and Homework (10 minutes):
    • Summarize session insights.
    • Assign homework: Participants to refine their personal branding online.

Session 3: Advanced Networking Strategies (60 minutes)

  • Strategic Partnerships and Cross-Cultural Networking (20 minutes):
    • Case studies analysis and group discussion on forming strategic partnerships and understanding cultural nuances in networking.
  • Mentorship, Coaching, and Hosting Events (20 minutes):
    • Interactive segment on the benefits of mentorship and steps to host your own networking event.
    • Brainstorming session for event ideas.
  • Confidence and Body Language (10 minutes):
    • Brief interactive workshop on non-verbal communication cues.
  • Wrap-Up and Peer Feedback (10 minutes):
    • Participants share their planned event ideas for feedback.
    • Recap of key strategies discussed.

Session 4: Sustaining and Leveraging Your Network (60 minutes)

  • CRM Systems for Networking and Virtual Networking (15 minutes):
    • Overview of CRM tools and virtual networking platforms.
    • Demonstration of LinkedIn features for networking.
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback (15 minutes):
    • Role-play exercises focused on effective feedback within professional networking.
  • Staying In Touch and Measuring Success (20 minutes):
    • Strategies for maintaining and leveraging networks.
    • Group activity to develop personal networking KPIs.
  • Course Wrap-Up and CPD Points (10 minutes):
    • Summary of the workshop and discussion on implementing learned skills.
    • Explanation of CPD points accreditation and feedback collection.

This course plan ensures a balance between theory, practical exercises, and personal reflection, providing participants with a comprehensive toolkit to enhance their networking skills effectively.

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